Carrie & Seth | Indiana Engagement Photography | Holliday Park & Mass Ave, Indianapolis

WOW! You guys are ADORABLE!

I stepped outside of my comfort zone– Northwest Indiana and Southern Michigan– today for the engagement session of two incredible people.  I don’t get down to Indy much, but I relied on Carrie and Seth to guide us.  They did an amazing job!   They even offered to share their favorite bar and dinner with a group of their friends after the session, but we were definitely too exhausted.  That isn’t the whole reason we declined.  I couldn’t wait to get home and look at these photos!  The following photos will lack captions due to hours of driving and an completely exhausting week.  But I think these two are saying everything they need to with how absolutely ADORABLE they are.

They met at this theatre!

Apparently this neighborhood gets decked out in tire themed decor for Indy 500! Taking full advantage!

This weekend had two amazing sessions, and I’d have to say, I’ve only laughed this much photographing long-time friends.  This weekend, I made four new friends, really!  It also helps that two of my best friends assist me at most of my sessions and weddings, though their identities remain a mystery until they show up with me.  I didn’t realize until this week that I’ve got NOTHING on my site about Jose & Emily, so I promise to change that.  Half of the photos in this post are all Jose!

Thanks for being amazing hosts, Carrie & Seth, can’t believe we have to wait ALL YEAR for your wedding! But I bet you can’t either! 🙂

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  • Annie Crill - Can’t wait to see the rest!
    Congrats Seth & Carrie!
    Love, Aunt Annie

  • Amy - Thanks!

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