Megan & Will >> Western Michigan Wedding Photography >> A Perfect Summer Navy & Yellow Rustic Barn Wedding with Mossy Green Florals >> Millcreek Barns, Watervliet, Michigan

Gorgeous details, rich with color and texture.  Big smiles, and a few tears, with the happiest group I’ve yet to meet.  Megan and Will, from the first look to the last dance, radiated joy through the crowd.  To call their wedding perfect isn’t hyperbole. Megan and Will are infinitely blessed.  Family and friends arrived with truck loads, not pick-up- truck loads, but BIG truck loads of gorgeously crafted decor details.  As I weaved between the ladders and toolboxes and buckets upon buckets of gladiolas and orchids, watching Dad erect a stunning archway trellis, Mom’s friends tucking each brilliant little arrangement into every nook and cranny of the barns, I was so moved.  I certainly wasn’t the only one pausing in awe.  The site coordinator went iPad photo crazy. The shuttle driver was caught in her tracks.  The floral spilling around each handcrafted sign or found trinket was less than half the reason.  The collective energy of everyone, hearts full of love for Megan and Will, transformed this simple, quiet barn in the Michigan countryside into as happy and beautiful a location to celebrate the beginning of a marriage as anyone could dream.  Once the scene was set, the ladders were stacked away, and sweat-soaked jeans were traded for gowns and suits, that energy only multiplied. Days liked theirs are my favorite days, not just to be a photographer, but to be alive.  Sharing in this warmth and love, watching such an important day so intimately unfold, is why I am a photographer.

Just after dinner, we had to slip out and recreate the “Bridesmaids” movie poster.  I have had this request before, but never before has it been executed with such precision.

  • Lisa Haislet - Beautiful…timeless….classic! FAN of your work!

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