AMY STRAKA PHOTOGRAPHY is saying GOODBYE to MINI SESSIONS and HELLO to a more narrative, relaxed portraiture experience. Sometimes twenty minutes is enough. Nobody gets shy, tired, hungry. Every smile comes easily, naturally. You’re in, you’re out, and you’ve caught the perfect vignette of your perfect family, together. Sometimes I wonder if twenty minutes passed so perfectly, what we’re missing in the next twenty minutes. What would happen if we lingered beneath the shade of your favorite oak tree a little, just enough for you to forget I was even there? Walked a little further. Played a little longer. So let’s find out.

For a LIMITED time, you may purchase a certificate for up to THREE of my Portrait Collections, to be scheduled, subject to availability, whenever, forever. These certificates NEVER expire and are offered for the same prices as mini-sessions you’ve loyally booked, year after year.  Read more about these amazing Portrait Collections HERE or feel free to contact me with any questions about which  is right for your family.

REUNION usually $500 for a limited time $250
BARNSTORMER usually $375 for a limited time $175
LIFESTYLE usually $400 for a limited time $150
MILESTONE usually $275 for a limited time $100

We say GOODBYE to mini sessions AND this incredible SPECIAL when March begins, that’s midnight central-standard time on Saturday, February 28th for the procrastinators out there.

To book, CONTACT ME with your FIRST and LAST name, EMAIL ADDRESS, and which sessions you would like to include on your certificate. The first family to purchase ONE session certificate will receive a FREE PRINT WRAP. The first family to book THREE sessions will receive a MILESTONE session certificate FREE.

I know you loved the mini-sessions, but I promise, you’re about to fall in love all over again.

  • Nicole Clarke - Hi Amy, I would like a certificate for the Milestone package. Would like to do pics at the beach this summer

Spending my snow day cozied up indoors, editing the snowiest session of my career.  We actually canceled three times because it didn’t really feel like winter yet..  Without snow, a midwest winter can be a little bland and muddy.  We would have been thrilled with two or three inches, but were blasted with twenty.  We were soaking wet and shivering cold, but it was most definitely worth it.  As incredibly gorgeous as this blizzard with Ashley and Jimmy was, I’m certainly thankful to be safe and warm today.aj-101-2.jpg

Congratulations to the newlyweds of 2014. This year has been incredibly wild and rough for me, but these days spent with you were among my best days. Thanks for trusting me with the stewardship of your happiest moments. Thank you for your taco bars, your headbanging grand entrances, the warmth of your campfires, your sublime sing-a-longs, your tiny little pancakes with tiny little cups of syrup. Thank you for making sure that I stopped to watch so many sunsets. For getting rained on with me. Your serenades and your high fives and your food trucks that bring late night snacks have been everything to me. Thank you for every tear we share when you dance to James Taylor and Otis Redding and all the songs that I imagined I’d grow up and dance to. Thank you. The joy you share has made me whole.


I’ll be beating the winter doldrums by updating my blogsite style and functionality, crafting this season’s blog posts with gorgeous little vignettes of your stunning events, developing smart new pricing and custom product offerings, sprucing up my amazing new cooperative studio space, perfecting in-person proofing and ordering consultations, creating unique and narrative album designs, beefing up my technical skill and getting mega-inspired through professional workshops and collaborative projects, and best of all, meeting with the incredible couples that will make next year just as  fulfilling, gorgeous and busy as the last. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.